David M. Gonzales Recreation Center

10943 Herrick Ave., Arleta, CA 91331
Council District:
7-Monica Rodriguez
Neighborhood Council:
Pacoima Neighborhood Council
6.8 acres


Children's Play Areas: Grade B
Picnic & Sitting Areas: Grade C
Outdoor Courts: Grade B-
Athletic Fields: Grade C
Landscaping & Natural Areas: Grade C
Exercise Areas & Trails: Grade B-
Park Center Interiors: Grade B
Exterior Infrastructures: Grade C+
Park Cleanliness: Grade C-
Restrooms: Grade C-
Drinking Fountains: Grade C-
Graffiti: Grade F

The picnic area and children’s play area were shaded.  Evaluated park features that were in good condition include:

  • Gym
  • Playground

The basketball court had extensive cracks in the asphalt.  The hoop nets were in good repair.


Healthy trees were present throughout the park.

Limited Hours and Resources

The recreation center usually closes at 3 pm on Saturdays. The center’s computer lab no longer has access to Wi-Fi and the computer classes have been cancelled.

Park Cleanliness

Litter and graffiti were present on the picnic tables and benches. Cigarette butts were found in multiple areas of the park, including the playground.  Bulk items were stored by park buildings.

Drought Effects

The multipurpose field had a large number of bare spots and dried grass.  There were muddy areas, indicating water irrigation problems.

Wear and Tear

The wooden bleachers adjacent to the field were worn out and covered in sand. The soccer goals were dilapidated and torn in places.

Restrooms and Water Fountains

The restroom walls and stalls were covered in graffiti. A bike was blocking one of the stalls. The hand-dryer was not working and there were no paper supplies available. Although functional. the water fountain was damaged and worn.

Sports Programs

Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Boxing Aerobics (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10am To 12pm), Flag Football, Girls Basketball, Girls Play LA (Ages 8 – 15), Handball, Soccer, Weight Lifting, Co-Rec Volleyball, Girls Volleyball, Mixed Martial Arts, Co-Rec Basketball

Other Programs

Aerobics, After School Program, Arts & Crafts, Child Care, L.A. Kids, Piano, Nutritional Classes

Facility Features

Auditorium, Baseball Diamond (Lighted), Basketball Courts (Indoor), Basketball Courts (Lighted/Outdoor), Children’s Play Area, Community Room, Handball Courts (Lighted), Indoor Gym (without Weights), Picnic Tables, Soccer Field (Lighted), Boxing Gym, Boxing Ring, Kitchen, Stage

How are Angelenos using this park?

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