Granada Hills Park

16730 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, CA 91344
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17.76 acres


Children's Play Areas: Grade A
Picnic & Sitting Areas: Grade B-
Outdoor Courts: Grade B-
Athletic Fields: Grade A-
Landscaping & Natural Areas: Grade A-
Park Center Interiors: Grade A
Exterior Infrastructures: Grade A
Park Cleanliness: Grade C
Restrooms: Grade C-
Drinking Fountains: Grade B-
Graffiti: Grade B

The recreation center includes multiple classrooms and a childcare center. Feature in good condition include:

  • Indoor gym
  • Scoreboard
  • Picnic areas

There were attractive larges trees throughout the park.


The buildings, including the recreation center, looked in good condition. The playground was clean, had a variety of structures, and equipment was in good repair. There was minimal litter throughout the park.

Water Conservation 

No areas of standing water were observed during the park visit.

Restrooms and Water Fountains

All were functional and generally clean.

Drought Effects

There were several bare spots on the lawn, multipurpose field, and picnic areas.

Basketball Court

The basketball court was not being used and there were cars parked on it. The court’s benches are worn out and have graffiti on them. There are cracks throughout the court floor, and the painted lines on the court are faded.

Wear and Tear

The tennis court floors looked worn and had some cracks. The courts also had leaves and other debris present.

Park Cleanliness

There was graffiti in the park. Some bulk items were in the pool area only, which was not being used in Fall 2016.

Sports Programs

Baseball (Youth), Basketball (Adult/Co-Ed/Youth/Boys & Girls), Flag Football (Youth & Co-Ed), Gymnastics Class, Softball (Youth), Sports Clinics, T-Ball (Youth)

Other Programs

Arts & Crafts, Dance, Kickboxing, Music, Pre-School, Spring Day Camp, Summer Day Camp, Winter Day Camp

Facility Features

Auditorium, Baseball Diamond (Lighted), Baseball Diamond (Unlighted), Basketball Courts (Indoor), Basketball Courts (Lighted/Outdoor), Children’s Play Area, Indoor Gym (without Weights), Picnic Tables, Tennis Courts (Lighted), Classrooms, Stage, Kitchen, Dance Room

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