MacArthur Park

Park Website:
MacArthur Park
2230 W. 6th St. Los Angeles, CA 90057
Council District:
1 – Gil Cedillo
Neighborhood Council:
MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council
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29.9 Acres


Children's Play Areas: Grade A-
Picnic & Sitting Areas: Grade B-
Outdoor Courts: Grade A-
Athletic Fields: Grade A-
Landscaping & Natural Areas: Grade D
Exercise Areas & Trails: Grade A-
Park Center Interiors: Grade B-
Exterior Infrastructures: Grade B-
Park Cleanliness: Grade F
Restrooms: Grade F
Drinking Fountains: Grade B+
Graffiti: Grade C-
Unique Features and Landscape

The park has a mix of green open spaces, diversity of tree species, and a lake, based on 19th century arboretum-like, Victorian park design concepts.  Its recreational facilities were in good working order and well used (75% of the facilities were in use at the time of the site visit), including outdoor fitness stations, walking loop, soccer field, classrooms, and multipurpose room.

Drinking Fountains

All drinking fountains observed were in working order.  One of five fountains assessed did not drain and had standing water in the basin.

Park Cleanliness

Litter was observed throughout the park (lighters, broken bottles, pill containers, etc.).  More than 20 tents and many bulk items were noted.  The smell of urine was strong in the passageways between the two sides of the park.

The lake had trash in and around it.  One park staff member was observed cleaning up trash outside the office, but the park staff presence was not strong outside the office.

Graffiti was visible in various parts of the park, including on statues, picnic tables, park benches, and tunnel walls.

Water Conservation and Drought Effects

The lawns and nature areas had bare patches.  There was only dirt in the picnic area.


Restrooms were unclean with standing water and toilet paper on the ground.  There was no soap.  A few stalls were out of order; several stalls did not securely latch.

In April 2017, RAP welded shut the exterior restrooms because of inability to adequately control illicit activities and inappropriate usage.  The outdoor sinks were not functioning.

Facility Features

Wilshire Boulevard divides this park.  features natural areas, including a lake, walking loop, sitting areas, outdoor fitness stations, soccer field, picnic tables, baseball diamond (unlighted), amphitheater, recreation center, children’s play area

How are Angelenos using this park?

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