North Hollywood Park

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North Hollywood Park
11430 Chandler Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 91601
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55.6 acres


Children's Play Areas: Grade A
Picnic & Sitting Areas: Grade B-
Outdoor Courts: Grade A-
Athletic Fields: Grade B+
Landscaping & Natural Areas: Grade B
Exercise Areas & Trails: Grade A-
Park Center Interiors: Grade A-
Exterior Infrastructures: Grade B
Park Cleanliness: Grade C+
Restrooms: Grade F
Drinking Fountains: Grade A-
Graffiti: Grade C+
Many usable facilities

The park has many attractive features:

  • Picnic areas and seating areas
  • Outdoor fitness stations
  • Baseball diamond
  • Tennis courts
  • Handball courts
  • Skate park
  • Playground
  • Indoor gym
  • Senior center
  • Nature area
Indoor Drinking Fountains and Restrooms

The restrooms in the recreation center and four of five drinking fountains assessed were clean and functioning.  One drinking fountain did not have sufficient water pressure.

Field Restrooms

The field restrooms were unclean, poorly lit, and had no soap, hand dryers, or towels.


Despite the numerous well-maintained features, there were some facilities rated lower.  The multipurpose field had bare patches and uneven terrain.  The paved multipurpose court had torn basketball nets.  Although much of the walking loop was well-maintained, there were ruts, rocks, and puddles of standing water.  Several holes were observed in the adjacent fences.

Park Cleanliness

Small pieces of litter were observed.  Trash was overflowing from dumpsters; the team also observed two bulk items, broken glass, and graffiti.

Water Conservation

There was standing water on the driveway, walking loop, and lawn during a time period where there had not been any rain for weeks.  There were at least seven stressed or dead trees.  The lawn had areas of dry patches.

Sports Programs

Badminton (Adult), Baseball Clinic (Youth), Baseball League (Youth Ages 8-15), Basketball Clinic (Youth), Basketball League (Youth Ages 3-15), Coach Pitch, Karate (Youth-Adult), Soccer Clinic (Ages 3 – 12), Soccer League (Ages 5 – 12), Softball Adult (Men, Women, & Co-Ed), Softball (Girls Ages 8 – 15), T-Ball Clinic (Youth Ages 5 – 7), Tennis Class (Age 5 – Adult), Girls Play LA (Ages 8 – 15)

Other Programs

After School Club (Ages 5 – 12), Circle Of Aztec Dancers, Gentle Yoga Club, Guitar (Ages 5 – Adult), Jazz/Hip Hop (Youth – Adult), Piano (Age 5 – Adult), Pre-School Class (Ages 3 – 5), Rejuvenation, Seasonal Camp (Spring, Summer & Winter; Ages 5 – 13), Senior Exercise Class, Tai Chi, Teen Club (Ages 13 – 17), Weight Strengthening

Facility Features

Baseball Diamond (Lighted), Basketball Courts (Lighted / Indoor), Basketball Courts (Lighted / Outdoor), Childrens Play Area, Handball Courts (Lighted), Seasonal Pool (Outdoor / Unheated), Tennis Courts (Lighted), Jogging Path, Kitchen, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Stage

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