Patton Street Park

Park Website:
Patton Street Park
327 Patton St Los Angeles, CA 90026
Council District:
1 – Gil Cedillo
0.4 acres


Children's Play Areas: Grade A
Picnic & Sitting Areas: Grade A
Landscaping & Natural Areas: Grade A-
Exercise Areas & Trails: Grade A
Exterior Infrastructures: Grade A
Park Cleanliness: Grade B+
Drinking Fountains: Grade B
Graffiti: Grade A
Landscaping and Facilities

Patton Street Park is a small park (0.4 acres) with well-maintained features:

  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Play area
  • Picnic area

A well-designed gate marked the entrance to the park.


Lawn and landscaping was in good condition with no bare patches or invasive weeds noted and seemed to be maintained regularly.

In terms of external infrastructures, paint, lighting, and fences were in good condition.

One drinking fountain was clean and usable, with sufficient water pressure.

Park Cleanliness

Patton Street Park had no observed graffiti, bulk items, vermin, or dangerous litter items.

Water Conservation

Points were deducted from water conservation and trees because of standing water and two stressed trees.

Drinking Fountain

One drinking fountain had sand clogging the drain.


A few pieces of litter were observed, although no one was in the park at the time of the visit.

Facility Features

Children’s Play Area, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Walking Path, Benches

How are Angelenos using this park?

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