Van Ness Recreation Center

5720 2nd Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90043
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7.81 acres


Children's Play Areas: Grade A-
Picnic & Sitting Areas: Grade A-
Outdoor Courts: Grade A
Athletic Fields: Grade B-
Landscaping & Natural Areas: Grade B+
Exercise Areas & Trails: Grade A
Park Center Interiors: Grade A
Exterior Infrastructures: Grade B
Park Cleanliness: Grade B+
Restrooms: Grade B
Drinking Fountains: Grade B
Graffiti: Grade B
Landscaping and Maintenance

Exterior infrastructures in good condition included paint and lighting. Landscaping included colorful bougainvillea.


Variety of Facilities

Park features rated as good included:

  • Indoor Gym
  • Picnic Areas
  • Outdoor Fitness Stations
  • Walking Loop
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Multi-Purpose Field
  • Baseball Diamonds
  • Batting Cages
Park Cleanliness

The park had litter and graffiti on poles and storage containers. There were no dangerous litter, pet waste, pests, and bulk items.

Drought Effects

The lawn had numerous bare patches. A few stressed trees were noted.

Drinking Fountains and Field Restroom

Although two drinking fountains were rated as good, two other drinking fountains lacked sufficient water pressure. One restroom was evaluated and did not appear to be handicapped-accessible.

Limited Hours

The new gym was closed on Saturday morning.

Sports Programs

Youth Baseball (Co-ed), Youth Basketball ( Co-ed), Girls Softball (GPLA), Girls Basketball (GPLA), Youth Tennis, Girls Play LA (Ages 8 – 15)

Other Programs

After School Program, Day Camps offered (Spring, Summer, Winter), Zumba (Adults), Special Events, Summer Night Lights

Facility Features

Baseball Diamond (Lighted), Basketball Courts (Lighted / Outdoor), Children’s Play Area, Football Field (Unlighted), Picnic Tables, Soccer Field (Unlighted), Tennis Courts (Lighted), Indoor Gym (without Weights), Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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